Monday 15 June 2015

The 47's Bow Out

Today was meant to be the last full day of the Class 47's operating the Short Set. They are scheduled to operate a couple of early services Tuesday morning, then the giant 37's will take over with a couple of test trips tomorrow, then in service on Wednesday. Of course all things are subject to last minute change again but that is the current plan. So with the sun remembering it's June and popping to East Anglia for a visit I travelled to Acle Station to get some last photos of these old warhorses.

First up was the Yarmouth bound 1256 from Acle with my personal favourite "Emily" 47818 leading. The pics of this service were taken from the Norwich bound platform.

47818 "Emily" leads the short set iinto Acle heading for Yarmouth
47813 on the rear
The set pulls away with Emily smoking well!
 I then moved away from the station onto the road bridge to capture the return trip, and was rewarded with some really good shots.

Maximum zoom to catch the set in Acle Station
47813 steams out of Acle heading for Norwich
After a quick dash across the road.........

Emilly brings up the rear as the set heads for Norwich
And so it's farewell to the 47's - probably. Thanks for the memories and the photos, and bring on the beasts!

And so the 47's head off into the distance

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  1. Andrew Kleissner15 June 2015 at 23:39

    Steve - you call these "old warhorses" but the replacement 37s may be even older! I can't speak for the individual locos, but the building of the two classes largely overlapped.