Sunday 14 June 2015

Summer Saturday Special

A Summer Saturday in June, so of course it was dark, miserable and wet all day. Not a good day for taking photos but take some I did during my day, including a vehicle on its first day out. Not freshly painted 36180 as hoped, but Sanders latest acquisition from Reading Buses, Scania Omnideka YN06 JWP which thanks to an eagle eyed Cameron I managed to snap in Castle Meadow.

Snders ex Reading Buses Scania Omnidekka YN06 JWP in Castle Meadow
Also at Castle Meadow was ex Ipswich Volvo B7rle 66977 in her new purple guise. I'd already seen her but this was the first photo opportunity I'd had.

First Norwich 66977 in Castle Meadow
If you read Friday's post you will have seen that amazingly well preserved 1947 Bedford OB at Southwold. It was not as sunny in Southwold yesterday but another varied mix of vehicles was in evidence - you would not believe how many people were at Southwold in the pouring rain yesterday! Incuded in the line up was a Routemaster - what is it about those machines that raises the spirits whenever you see one? Closer inspection showed it to be Carters Coaches Routemaster RML 1266, and it lit up a very miserable day!

Carters RML1266 sandwiched between a Paragon from Reg's of Welwyn, Hertfordshire and West's of London Plaxton bodied Irisbus
Also present at Southwold was this rather impressive 15 registered VDL owned by Jay and Kay Coach Tours of Crayford in Kent.Just love the cherished registration JK15 JNK

Jay and Kay's VDL JK15 JNK at Southwold.
4 weeks ago I was down in Kent taking pics of two pretty unique vehicles, an Irisbus Agoraline, and the only King Long bus in the country. So already yesterday I had seen an Irisbus coach, and in Norwich I did quite a double take to see a Chinese King Long coach in Castle Meadow. I have no idea how many King Long coaches there are in the country - perhaps someone can enlighten me on that one. This one is owned by Jeff's Travel of Brackley in Northamptonshire.

Jeff's Travel of Brackley King Long BK63 ZSY at Castle Meadow
Trains take the spotlight this week, with the short set finall being taken over by Class 37 locos. Tomorrow (monday) is the planned last day of the 47's, and I'm hoping to get pics of them on their last day, then on Wednesday to get pics of the 37's. That is of course if they are out as it should be remembered the short set is a reserve train and only used if there is a shortage of DMU's.

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  1. There's a few king longs about but scattered all around I don't think there are any full fleets Angies in lowestoft have 2 both ex tour motors. Am hoping to get vids of 37's on Thursday