Saturday 20 June 2015

Guest Post ~ A day in Norwich

I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms of not blogging anymore, so i have decided to do a guest post on my day out today. Thanks to Steve for allowing me!

Today i headed into the fine city of Norwich in order to spot 60618. Luckily, i succeeded and got a very good shot at Thorpe. After that, i headed back into the city to try and find newly painted 36180.

Newly painted 36180 at the Rail Station showing Martham 1. 
After a lovely ride on 36180 back into the city, i came across a very clean KonectBus.
KonectBus 400 looking very smart, as if it's just came out of the paintshop!

A rare sighting! 33815 laying over on St Stephens St.
 Last up is newly painted Stagecoach Norfolk Optare Tempo into Stagecoaches 'beachball' livery. And surprisingly, it does look incredibly smart!
Newly painted Stagecoach Norfolk 25126 YJ57EHX working the X29 on Castle Meadow.

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