Wednesday 10 June 2015

Borismaster Special

I think it's quite apt that we've waited ages for a Borismaster Special then two blogs do one on the same day! For even more Borismasters take a look at Andy's Bus Blog. However I promised one today and here it is.

On Tuesday I had a follow up appointment down in Sussex for my eye and it went so smoothly I had time to kill in London on the way back. I had planned to go to St James' Park to chill but as I crossed Victoria Bus Station I remembered that the 73's were in the process of being converted to Borismaster operations so strolled over to take a look and lo and behold first in the line was not just a Borismaster but LT500, the 500th Borismaster. As gift horses go this was a big one so I jumped on for a ride, not quite sure where it was going but what the heck I had time!

LT500 Borismaster LTZ1500 at Victoria Bus Station
 Now I think I've made it clear in the past that I'm a fan of Borismasters. Actually I'm more of a fan. If I had the money I'd buy one myself, and have it converted into a luxury motorhome. I think these are the best doube deck buses to be built probaby in the last 40 years, yes even better than Olympians. The ride this bus gave was just superb, and the acceleration from the silent electric motor was brisk to say the least. Smooth, no rattles and my only regret was it said Stoke Newington on the front and not Saxmundham! I traveled as far as half way down Oxford St then got off to see what else was around.

LT500 trundles up Oxford St
It must be said that Borismasters are photogenic. It must aso be said that they suit just about any livery going and are an advertiser's dream. An increasing amount now sport allover ads, and I saw a few on Tuesday. Here is LT120 on the 10 to Hammersmith in the pink version of the Proper Corn popcorn ad, the yellow version of which can be seen on Andy's post.

LT120 on the 10 in Oxford St

Another pic on Andy's post shows LT318 with a very brave advert indeed - by Tag Heuer watches. I'm not sure a London bus is the best way to advertise accurate time keeping but it's certainly original. LT343 has also been done up in the same allover ad, and I saw it at the Oxford terminus of the 137's, and by lucky chance LT344 pulled up behind to give me consecutive vehicles.

LT343 in TAG Heuer ad and LT344 at Oxford St terminus

Now it may not feel very much like ice cream weather but that hasn't stopped Walls embarking on a Magnum campaign on some Borismasters. Here is LT111 advertising the new Magnum pink raspberry.

LT111 in Oxford St
 After a spot of dinner in Chinatown I wandered down to Charing Cross to catch the 11 back to Liverpool St. I'm always interested when I get on an 11 as they are some of the first Borismasters to be built, so it's a good way of seeing how they are lasting the pace, and the 11 is a seriously demanding route. The answer is they are coping superbly, and the journey on LT55 was just as good as the one on LT500. Rather conveniently LT55 is currently sporting a rather fetching blue ad for coconut water and was a really good way to finish off the day. I'll be back in London soon as there were many I didn't get a picture of and quite frankly I could ride around on them all day and not get bored.

LT55 at Liverpool St Station
Finally I'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience over the last month or so. I suffered serious burn out and basically fell out of love with both the blog and blogging. I have a lot of posts to catch up on but I need to accept I'm not 17 and need to pace myself a bit slower. I'll be posting regularly again now, but don't expect 3 a day as that nearly cost me dear. However, I will still be endeavouring to make sure the really important news you see here as soon as possible so check in regularly!


  1. So cool ! Now want to get a go myself as I missed out last time I was in London. Glad you better and look forward to the more genteel blog (VIP) of course lol

  2. Fantastic post as usual. Good shots mate :)