Monday 13 January 2014

34109 Not Dead Yet

Contrary to reports elsewhere the last Great Yarmouth Olympian 34109 W436CWX has NOT been withdrawn, in fact I enjoyed an incredibly comfortable journey on her today on the 6 to Bradwell and back. So to clear up the confusion after I alighted I took a trip to Caister Road depot to try and find out the official position. This is what I was told by the Engineering Manager via the member of staff I saw ask him - 34109 is scheduled to be withdrawn next week, but that is subject to change and could be extended if requirements dictate. Also 34108/12/13 remain in reserve and could be pressed back into service too if required.

Having criticised First's Enviro 400's recently it is worth noting that 34109 does not have a rattle on her. The driver I spoke to at Caister Road had driven her this morning and agreed with me whole heartedly that it is a crying shame the Olympians are going.

UPDATE: East Norfolk Bus Blog reports that another Olympian 34186 S686AEE was out on BM contract work this afternoon so she is still clinging on to life too!

34109 about to depart on the 12-05 to Bradwell
34109 looking great at Bradwell. Thanks to the driver for waiting for me to take the pic.

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