Wednesday 22 January 2014


With everyone busy watching Stagecoach to see if they will try to get their hands on the X1, what has slipped under the radar is another X1 has been launched by Ipswich Buses. The comparison is interesting to say the least. First's X1 requires a fleet of 22 vehicles, and a round trip takes 9h 38m. The Ipswich X1 requires 2 vehicles and a round trip takes a mere 38 mins. It has been set up to mirror First's 61 in response to First competeing against IB's flagship 13 service. All good fun. Anyway i finally got to Ipswich to get a few shots today. On duty were two of IB's ex P&R Transbus Darts.

Ipswich Buses Dart 84 PJ53 OLC on the X1
Ipswich Buses 86 PJ53 OLG on the X1
The competing routes - IB 84 on the X1 leads First's 65673 on the identical 61


  1. Oh good word, that's me in the photo of 86, looking like a gormless idiot. :S :L

    To be honest, with the amount of times I've used the buses in Ipswich since I started uni in September, I'm surprised it's taken this long for me to end up getting photographed. :L

  2. Glad to have captured you but I have to ask if you're ok with the pic - I can take it down if you wish as I know not everyone likes seeing themselves especially if they shouldn't have been there!

  3. I'm OK with it being up, it just came as a bit of a shock to see myself on the blog, considering I don't remember seeing any cameras that day. But oh well. :)

  4. OK buddy cheers - it was a phone not a camera! I have always been told for a big bloke I merge into the background quite well!!