Tuesday 14 January 2014

Anglian 100

After I mentioned yesterday that I had been waiting sometime to get a decent pic of Anglian 100 with her all new yellow front, Roy Northcott from East Norfolk Bus Blog got in touch with a pic he took last week of her. Many thanks for the pic, Roy, which of course remains his copyright.

Anglian 100 WX62 HHP at Market Gates with her logo free front

On a similar theme I am planning to do a series of Olympian specials once the last Yarmouth Olympians have finally been withdrawn, so if anyone has any pics of Olympians they would allow me to use that would be great. They can be local Olympians both when here and in former pastures, Olympians that hold personal memories regardless of location - I'll be including some that I have driven, or just Olympians that look good. It will truly be the end of an era and I think it should be recognised. Btw by my reckoning 34109 is the only Olympian in regular public service (public meaning anyone can get on it, not school or other contract) in our region north of Ipswich. If anyone knows any different them please let me know, with times and locations if poss.


  1. Does the City Sightseeing Norwich count?

  2. Of course it does!! I remember that vehicle working for Kentish Bus in East London when she was new!