Friday 24 January 2014

Olympian Chasing

Before my sojurn to Norwich I had been in Great Yarmouth in hunt of that increasingly rare and endangered species the Volvo Olympian. Actually drove up there to get to Market Gates in time to catch 34186 on its usual 1050 departure to Belton. Everything went like clockwork right up to the moment 33212 turned up on the 1050 to Belton. All was not lost though as 34109 turned up on ITS usual 1105 to Bradwell, so I had a very pleasant 45 mins or so trundling there and back. No sign of 34108 though so if that now has a regular diagram can someone let me know please.

I mentioned in a previous post that luck plays a good part in spotting and I had some more after I got back from Norwich. Got in the car, promptly took a wrong turn, went long way round to heading home and glory be came out of a junction right in front of 34186 on a contract journey. Foot down, get ahead, pull over, grab phone and snap - got a beauty. Thanks, fate!

34109 in difficult light
An hour later 34109 passing Anglian 107
34186 approaches on its contract run - can I get a better shot?
Yes I can! If this pic of 34186 is the last pic I take of a FEC Olympian in service there will be no regrets

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