Tuesday 7 January 2014

Another Year Begins

A lot has been reported in the past day or so about Konect taking over Anglian's routes in Norwich but what has seemingly gone un-noticed is the linking up of Anglian's routes 7 and 61, giving a through service from Southwold/Kessingland/Lowestoft and Yarmouth to Norwich. Or so the timetable says. So off I went today to have a look and see how it was working. I went from Halesworth to Yarmouth via Beccles, so caught gas bus 110 to Beccles, and was then somewhat surprised to see Solo 904 operating on the 81's. I saw another Solo on the route too so is this now going to be a regular Solo operation? If anyone from Anglian is reading and knows then let me know please!

Anglian 110 AU13 FBJ at a very wet Beccles
Now according to the timetables the 61 and 7 link seemlessly at Yarmouth - guranteed connections, no change of bus and all that. But you'd never know it. The destination screens show no indication whatsoever that it is indeed a through service. The 61 from Kessingland just shows Yarmouth with no "for Norwich", and the 7 from Norwich just shows "Yarmouth via Thorpe and Acle" with no "For Lowestoft and Kessingland" so no one will have any idea they can stay on the bus. Anglian have a pretty poor record in promoting new services and this doesn't look like an exception. However it seems that there will be quite a mix of vehicles on the route.

Anglian 110 AU13 FBJ having made the return journey from Beccles passes Omnicity 462 YN03 WRJ at a much sunnier Norwich
Apologies but took this pic vey quick and too blurred to identify this Solo on the 7 this afternoon

Also spotted this afternoon by pure chance was a new National Express branded coach operated by Ambassador Travel of Yarmouth. BF63 ZSL is a Volvo B9R Caetano Levante and by method of deduction is fleet number 210. A pic of 212 can be seen on Norwich Bus Page.

Ambassador Travel 210 BF63 ZSL passes Anglian 462


  1. This might be dumb question but what's the gas bus like? what makes it better from a normal bus? x

  2. It is the quietest bus I have ever travelled on, smooth and still fast. It produces far fewer harmful emissions and I confess I love them. Why Boris Johnson hasn't latched onto them I don't know so I can only assume that logistics with the gas storage and distribution are hurdles as there is only one other fleet in the country - in Runcorn, Cheshire.