Monday 13 January 2014

Anglian Obs

I am delighted to report that Anglian have amended their destination displays on the 7/61 to show they are connected through routes now. Last week I was critical of the fact that although the buses carried on from one route to the other this was not reflected in the destination screens. Well now it is as you can see from the pic of Scania OmniCity 454 AN61 LAN at Market Gates today. I have no idea if it was the result of my post ,last week that prompted the change but my ego needs a massage so I'm going to assume so!

Anglian 454 AN61 LAN with the new amended display showing the continuation to Norwich
Elsewhere it wasn't quite such good news for Anglian. Gas bus 100 WX62 HHP failed at Market Gates this morning and when I got there the man from MAN was attending to her and it was some 3 hours later he finally got her going. I have been waiting to take a pic of her for sometime to show the new front she has got minus any logos, but wasn't quite expecting it to be quite ,like this! Incidentally she was replaced by a Solo, which must have been quite cramped at times on the 61

Anglian 100 WX62HHP with the plain yellow front being given first aid by the MAN engineers


  1. Hi Steve, the screens were programmed with displays that say "for Lowestoft" etc and without as not ALL buses do operate a through service. (evenings). It was the drivers who perhaps didn't know that there were 'though service' options which is why its taken a while for them to be commonly displayed as such. As for WX62HHP, it was still there at three o'clock this afternoon!

  2. I do not make random accusations, Zak. I checked with more than one driver last week that a "through" display option was not yet available. It is obvious the non through option would be retained for the non through journeys.

    1. I didn't say you were making an accusation. On January 6th, the first 7 I saw said "Yarmouth for Lowestoft and Kessingland". It was AN61BUS

  3. I saw the desti screens say that two of weeks ago!