Wednesday 22 January 2014

A Real Rarity

In my humble opinion two of the best looking deckers around are Ipswich Buses 2 Scanias with Optare Olympus bodies. I thought they looked awesome 3 years ago and I still do. I was lucky enough to see them both today - one on its normal 9/10 Whitton route and the other which is almost unheard of on the lunchtime Free Shuttle duty. I took advantage and had a trip on it and the driver, who must be dizzy the amount of times he drives around Ipswich in a circle every year, confirmed that he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he had had one of those Scanias.

One is in the new livery, the other isn't so it is easy to compare the two liveries and choose your fav. I wasn't sure at first but the new one is beginning to grow on me, and Scania 69 I think looks really good in the new colours.

Ipswich buses 68 Optare Olympus Scania YJ60 KGX very unusually on the Free Shuttle
Ipswich Buses Scania 69 YJ60 KGY in new colours and on regular route


  1. Hate the new paint jobs, they have no point to it, the design is dreadful, and cheapens the look, just my opinion.

  2. When I first saw it I felt like that too. Now I've got used to it and it's beginning to grow on me. It is certainly an accquired taste though.