Monday 20 January 2014

News Round Up

I have been  neglecting to report news so here is a round up, not necessarily in chronological order!


Konect have announced the impending arrival of 6 Volvo B7 Geminis from Bexleyheath Garage in South East London. The first one has already arrived and has been sent away again for conversion to single door and repaint. Konect have conveniently launched an enthusiasts page on their website and full details and pics of the new arrival(s) can be found by clicking here


Carters have acquired a new Olympian but under unfortunate circumstances. A few weeks ago I posted a pic of ex Stagecoach Olympian L679 HNV asking for its history. Well sadly that vehicle has been written off - circumstances unknown - and Carters have replaced it with ex Damory Olympian G727 XDL, still in Damory livery.

Olympian L679 HNY now sadly written off and withdrawn from service
Its replacement G727 XDL. Pic from Ipswich Bus Blog

Galloways have decided to withdraw their service 110 from Ipswich to Claydon. This came as a surprise to me as whenever I have seen it the bus has usually been pretty full. However First have stepped in and from 3rd February will be incorporating a new service 89 into their 88/88A Ipswich - Stowmarket route which will cover the 110 route to Claydon. It will be interesting to see if the extra passenger numbers can be absorbed into what is normally quite a busy route anyway.

Long time regular vehicle on the 110 Optare Centro AY09 BYC

Suffolk on Board website announce that Ambassador Travel are withdrawing their service 607 from Gorleston to Lowestoft via Oulton. The last service will operate on 22nd Feb. From 24th Feb Anglian's service 60 will be amended so some journeys will serve Blundestone and Lound which will result in an amended timetable.


One of my regular readers would not forgive me if I didn't include the news that ex Jersey Enviro E400 33423 SN60 CAA has finally been relinquished by Kings Lynn, and after MOT will be repainted into First colours. It remains to be seen just how often she is pressed into service on the X1 as cover. I think she'll look pretty good and rumours that Cameron is already camped outside Caister Road depot to be the first to see her return are unconfirmed!

Soon to be repainted 33423 SN60 CAA at Lowestoft


Thank you to all who have sent in pics of Olympians for the forthcoming special posts. So far I have 65 photos. What I would like is pics of FEC Olympians in their former colours for original owners. I am particularly keen to get some pics of  the F17* LBL series in Q-Drive of Bracknell livery, which is where they started their life. I have a feeling the Olympian specials will become a long lasting regular feature and I am even thinking of including a regular Reader's Olympian Memories feature. Let me know what you think. In the meantime keep the pics coming as even the ones that I end up not using I'll put into a special Olympian gallery with full credits on my Flickr site.
Blundeston and Lound to continue to serve this area - See more at:
Blundeston and Lound to continue to serve this area - See more at:
Blundeston and Lound to continue to serve this area - See more at:


  1. Good revue Steve! I understand your dilemma you play all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order lol Looking forward to the Olympian specials

  2. Cheers buddy! The Olympian specials won't start until it is confirmed that all the Yarmouth Olympians have been withdrawn, which certainly isn't yet. Thanks for commenting - always good to see them/