Thursday 16 January 2014

Rare workings

I popped up to Lowestoft this morning to meet a chap who has another blog called the East Norfolk Bus Blog - some of you might have heard of it!! Roy, it was a real pleasure and I know we could have spent far longer than the couple of hours we did chewing the cud.

Anyway while we were there it was if the Bus Gods decided we needed some subject matter and so provided it, firstly in the shape of ALX400 30900 working the 101 Lowestoft town service. Another decker on the 101's - it's becoming a habit.

As if that wasn't enough shortly after Great Yarmouth President 32208 came in on the X2, reloaded and set off back to Norwich. No idea what she was doing on the X2 but made for a couple of good pics. Incidentally why no Yarmouth vinyls?

ALX 400 30900 W774 DWX on the 101
Great Yarmouth Prtesident 32208 LT52 WTO on the X2
And sets off for Norwich

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  1. nice spots! Yarmouth don't have fleet names apart from on their new livery ones