Friday 24 January 2014

Yeee Haa!! We got ourselves a CONVOY!

For we've got an X1 convoy with 33818
Oh we've got an X1 convoy she's running 15 late
My B9's  joined the convoy oh this is really great
Two X1's in a convoy along the Acle Straight - Convoy!!!

A bit of poetic licence there as it was all the way from Norwich to Yarmouth! I had caught 33815 (no comment) to Norwich just to kill time and after sampling the Norwich atmosphere and taking a couple of pics realised that I had a choice of X1's back. A late running 33818 or 37572. No contest so I got on 37572 and we followed 33818 all the way to Acle - never more than 100yds behind it despite the E400's alleged speed advantage, overtook it at Acle and got to Market Gates first. Spent the whole journey thinking up those lyrics!

As a side bar on the way to Norwich I saw a very red faced Anglian driver who had obviously forgotten the 7 now goes through Acle as he had completely missed it Yarmouth bound, so went through Acle the wrong way, did a U-turn at the roundabout and managed to look as though he meant it all the time!

33818 leads 37572 from the A146 onto the A47
So much for the extra speed - still glued together at Acle
Market Gates and we arrive first followed closely by 33818. Inciderntally when was the last time 60813 saw a wash?


  1. Mercy sakes alive ! Is that the duck I see !!

  2. That's what we need - Enthusiasts CB!! Better than Twitter!

  3. Still got mine lol the handles....bear...huggy bear lol

  4. Is that a Starsky and Hutch reference? Showing my age there!! Mine would be Atlantean - no doubt about that!

  5. Lol it was about that time they were on I gained the handle (on the old system) but more from a current girlfriend at the time due to my tactile nature is all I will say lol. Atlantean is a well suitable name 10-4.