Wednesday 27 November 2013

Ipswich Special 2

Whilst in Ipswich for the Borismaster I did manage to take some more pics of other random sightings. The sun was making it very difficult to get the angles and light right but I should be thankful it was dry.

Anyway let's start with Tower Ramparts Bus Station. Closed for weeks and for what? To reopen looking pretty much the same as it did before. Does it look a modern 21st Century Bus Station? Judge for yourself as I present to you two versions of the same pic.

The all new modernised Tower Ramparts Bus Station. They say!! Note the tilting Dart in the centre.
Replace the buses with trolley buses or horse drawn carriages and it wouldn't look wrong. Modernised my.......
So what do you guys think? Waste of money or what!! Anyway back to other things and Wirst have started another war with Ipswich Buses by launching their new Service 53 to the until recently unheard of destination of Brookwood, which even I have never heard of. So they are competing with IB's flagship service 13, but not going all the way to Tesco at Copdock, which seems a total fiasco and waste of time. I watched 3 services leave and not a single soul on any of them. Well done Wirst - another winner!

First 69533 PL05 UBS and IB 72 Scania YN56 NYD on competing routes at Tower Ramparts
So to Old Cattle Market and quite entertainng as B7tl 32487 AU53 HKE decided to break down on the entrance to the bus station as I arrived. Thankfully my transport both ways, normally operated by 30887 was operated by 32494 - the only decker in the new livery at Ipswich now, and a decent ride both ways it was. I saw that service today with 32492 on it so presume 30887 has indeed gone to Colchester. Ipswich will have no buses left at this rate.

32488 AU53 HKE conveniently broken down at the entrance to OCM
Buses, buses everywhere and not a Dart in sight! Love Beeston's Scania and observe both Carter's deckers still have roofs!!
32494 AU53 HKM complete with new roof looking rather smart before taking me back to Saxmundham


  1. Hmmm is it a bus station orrrrr is it a bus stop on steroids. I did think (cue steam) that a station had real buildings and stuff not just half greenhouses. At least Beccles has toilets, pub, beauty salon and !! a charity shop. Sorry to seem cynical about Ipswich.

  2. Every bus station needs a beauty salon and a charity shop!!! But I agree and I'm just as cynical about Ipswich. That just seems a huge waste of money for the traffic chaos and inconvenience it caused.