Tuesday 26 November 2013

Not another one!!

Just seen a report on a Yahoo group that Ipswich ex P&R Volvo B7rle 69430 AU58 FFS has been seen operating in Colchester over the last couple of days. I never thought for a second that Ipswich would be able to keep all of that batch. Don't know why First just don't pull out of Ipswich full stop and let a company who actually gives a fig about the place and its passengers take over. Any decent buses we get are taken elsewhere and those we are promised get diverted. They couldn't take 65670 back could they. Oh no!!! Anyone with more info on this please let me know! Rant over.


  1. Hi Steve, 32655 and 32656 were orinally bound for Colchester. These will be staying in Ipswich for exchange of AU58FFS and one other ex Park Ride vehicle. 30887 has been transferred to Braintree. Source: First in Ipswich

  2. Ahhhhh now that is indeed news. thanks, Zac - only wish it bhad been 65672/3 that had gone lol. Ironic that 69430 was the first Ipswich vehicle to be painted in the new colours and now she's gone!