Tuesday 19 November 2013

Ipswich News

Clive Nixon from Ipswich Bus Blog has kindly informed me that Scanias 65550 P550 RNG and 65128 R116 GSF were withdrawn at the weekend. I travelled on 65550 last week and knew it was on borrowed time. A shame that those seats can't be salvaged! Clive also tells me it has been reported elsewhere that Ipswich are to receive Lowestoft X2 B7's 32655/6 to replace 32652/30887 which are going to Essex. I'll believe it when I see it, personally. Thanks, Clive for the information and for letting me use it.

Withdrawn Scania 65128 seen a couple of weeks ago in Ipswich
No apologies for reposting this - the final Superoute Scania to be withdrawn 65550 before I boarded it in Saxmundham last week
This brings the total number of Scanias withdrawn or transferred from Ipswich in the last fortnight to 8. So far 65128/65528/29/40/42/50/65628 have been withdrawn and 65632 has transferred to Clacton and is still in service. One of the ex Basildon Scanias was also withdrawn after constant engine probs so that now accounts for the 9 ex P&R Volvos. It remains to be seen what else appears at Ipswich over the next few months. As a side note the withdrawal of 65550 means that First Ipswich no longer have any buses with roller blinds - another era ends.

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