Monday 25 November 2013

Ipswich Special Part 1

Not two words I normally put next to each other but today is an exception. The economy of Ipswich was boosted by a multitude of enthusiasts flocking to see the on loan Borismaster make its debut on Ipswich Free Shuttle. I must commend Ipswich Buses for putting it on that route, as they said as it was a free bus as many people as possible could sample the Borismaster for free. Well played IB. Anyway I spent a very pleasant half hour on LT 100 and it was the first time I had seen the front of the top deck on one of these creations. I love the way it has the 1950's feel yet 21st century comfort. Can't see IB getting any of them but would be awesome if they did.

Borismaser LT 100  LTZ 1100 outside PALS on the 38 free shuttle in IPswich
The front seat top deck. I love the retro feeling
LT 100 at the "new" Tower Ramparts Bus Station
The rear doors were firmly closed unlike in London


  1. Oooo you lucky bugger lol Best pics I have seen of them. Can't get to Ipswich in time to see for myself so this is brill.I know what you mean about "Ipswich Special" lol now if you had said Leeds Special lol Thumbs up for a great post.

  2. Cheers, buddy. Not sure about Leeds........ I have to say that front top deck took my breath away. It's the first bus I have been on that feels as though it was designed by a bus enthsiast! I'm a cynical old git these days but I was grinning like a 10yo when I saw those windows and colour schemes.My only gripe are the doors closing alarms. I could get seriously peeved with those and I'm sure something more subtle could have been used.