Monday 4 November 2013

Ipswich P&R Plus Other Bits

Went to Ipswich today to catch the new P&R Versas operated by Ipswich Buses. First impressions are hang on - they are older than the Volvos they replaced so is this a Council cop out and getting things done on the cheap? They are ok, nothing special and whoever decided to have a turquoise exterior with green seats should have gone to Specsavers. Also out today was one of the new Enviro 200's and having travelled back to Martlesham on it I can say it's not a bus I would choose to travel on ever again.  The driver said it was nice to drive but the destination screen wasn't working and it rattled like a, well, rattle which is shocking on its first day out. For pics of all the Versas out today see my flickr page.

Ipswich buses "new" P&R Optare versa 148 at Martlesham

Interior of Ipswich Buses Versa 148. the green seats go well with the turquoise exterior!

New Ipswich Buses Enviro 200 82 at Martlesham displaying it's hybrid colour scheme. Destination screen was broken
Rear of 82
Versa 145 in Ipswich Town Centre
I was also expecting to see plenty of the old P&R Volvos running around Ipswich and I did see three of them, but included in that was one I was not expecting to see.

69428 on the 61's today. False advertising maybe?
69426 outside PALS. No there wasn't a huge storm cloud, just my camera trying to cope with the sun!
Finally for this post as one pink design disappears another emerges. I know Norwich has 66957 in this ad too, but surely one of the pink P&R Volvos could have been adapted for this ad, and not alter 69009 so radically? One more item to report is apparently Volvo B7TL 32652 AU05 MUP which only arrived at Ipswich a couple of weeks ago has gone to Colchester. They have a nasty habit of taking decent buses originally meant for Ipswich

69009 outside Woodbridge Swimming Pool. Sorry about the lampost!

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  1. I think the Ipswich buses look quite smart :)