Friday 22 November 2013

Survey Time

It has long been a bone of contention with me that companies do not consider passenger comfort when choosing seats for their vehicles. Even the seats on the new X1's will come under scrutiny next summer to see how hot they are for passengers wearing shorts after sitting in the Lowestoft sun for half hour. So I thought it might be fun to have a survey as to what you think are the best and worst seats on our buses today. So using the comments section let's see what wins your votes. If you don't want to comment you can email me and I'll add your vote for you.

For me the best, or certainly the ones I like the best are on Anglian's gas buses. It is a three way tie for the worst between First's W reg ALX 400's, First's 51 reg Scania Solars (6567*) and Anglian's Omindeckers 550-3. It is possible to have to travel for an hour and a half on any of those for which the companies should have to pay us to endure, not the other way round.


  1. Yarmouth presidents are defiantly terrible! Half of the padding is missing!
    I'm going to miss the Olympians and palatines. They by far have the best seats? Will be a shame to see them go

  2. I agree with the Presidents and W reg ALX400s as the worst, best are X1 Enviro400s. I nearly fell asleep by accident

  3. To be honest i quite like the seats on Yarmouth Presidents, but my favourite are by far the ex-X1 Gemini seats!

  4. In fairness to Lowestoft & Ipswich,the W reg ALX400's and those ex Scottish/Essex hand me downs are not fair examples as they did not start life with Counties.
    I don't dispute your finds thugh,i had one of the most uncomfortable rides from Kings Lynn to Hunstanton back in 2010 on 30886 and then 30889

    1. there is basically no padding on them, even the ones where they have had new padding put on, its basically a cloth put on some plastic :L and Cameron HOW can you LIKE them :L

  5. I can only suggest Cameron's backside is composed of concrete and not flesh like us mortals :D

  6. Got to be the awful 65670 batch at Ipswich okay for short trips but if you were to go to Aldeburgh on them i think my bum would go to sleep!

  7. About the only thing that would go to sleep with the amount of rattling going on LOL