Friday 1 November 2013

Today's Travels

For the first time this week I ventured into Norfolk to take a few shots and explore unchartered territory. I caught Anglian gas bus 108 into Norwich and saw some interesting observations.

37576 in her new colours on her old route!
37568 sporting a ghastly colour clash in her X2 branding
That pink has to go - seriously!
7 branded Anglian Omnicity 453 on the 88 Bungay shorts today
37576 leaves Norwich Bus Station
I then for the first time journeyed on Konect's route 2 to Sheringham. Nice route deserving of better buses in my view. The Optare on the outward journey was ok, but top speed or lack of it made it impossible to make up lost time due to roadworks in Norwich. I will be interested to see what the Sanders fleet can do in comparison. Trident 726 on the way back at least afforded better views, but again the reduced top speed seemed totally inappropriate for the route.

Note to Konect - put fleet numbers on the front please!!! Optare 413 at Sheringham
Sanders could do the same!! 55 branded Dennis ALX400 106 on the X44 at Sheringham
Konect 726 at Sheringham Station. The destination screen was broken and showed Not In Service all the way to Norwich.


  1. What company are the blue and yellow buses from? I quite like them

  2. Erm which blue and yellow ones - the Konectbus blue and yellow ones or the Anglian blue and yellow ones? They are actually part of the same parent company - Go-Ahead, vehicles quite often exchange hands, and tickets are valid on each other's services - something that is very rare in East Anglia