Thursday 7 November 2013

Day Trip to Braintree

Yes I know hardly Monte Carlo and I didn't intend to end up there either when I set out today. Colchester then hopefully Olympians was the plan but due to a distinct lack of them I ended up taking pics of ex Yarmouth Darts for Cameron at Braintree! However it was not an entirely wasted trip. I started off in Saxmundham and struck lucky on the 0930 64 to Ipswich which can be and quite often is absolutely anything. So when 32653 came round the corner that was a big relief.

Volvo B7TL 32453 AU05 MUV a very welcome sight at Saxmundham
After a very noisy journey to Ipswich thanks to a whinging 2yo - there should be sound proof booths for them - I transferred to Carters Trident 402 for the trip to Colchester but not before snapping a pic that First in Ipswich should be downright ashamed of.

Ex P&R volvo B7 69424 AU58 FFL looking frankly disgraceful at Old Cattle Market

Carters Denis Trident 402 LG02 FEV at what is laughably called Colchester Bus Station
After making Colchester look untidy for an hour hoping in vain for an Olympian I decided to catch the 133 SX Connect to Braintree. A decent ride on a Volvo B7rle and what a reward awaited me at Braintree. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on the history and usage of this bus, but it made my day!

First Student 68000 Q275LBA
And from the rear. All info on this bus gratefully received via comments please!
After taking pics of a few ex Yarmouth Darts including 43448 P448NEX and 43685 R685DPW I returned to Ipswich on a rather rickety Dennis Trident President 33088 and then got the treat of the day. I was hoping for an Olympian but not a 28yo Olympian I first knew at Plumstead depot in London, then at Ipswich buses no 48 (I think) C101CHM. Now with Carters it was on the 94's today and I was able to ride it to Stratford St Mary before a frantic transfer to the 93 to Ipswich, which had to be flashed down as it didn't get caught in the Colchester traffic as we did and overtook us! The ride on the old Olympian was excellent. ECW knew how to build buses!

Carters 446 Leyland Olyimpian C101CHM doing the tilt test!
I got back to ipswich and luck stayed with me as ex Transdev Volvo B7rle 69533 PL05 UBS turned up on the last 64 bak to Saxmundham - my first ride on one of those vehicles. I like it - real power and acceleration and a decent top speed. Sorry no pic as battery had given out by then but you can see all of today's pics on Flickr in due course.


    Updated bit from DVLA below All I could find seems its taxed but as to what its does is a mystery ?? but according to Wikipedia Braintree operates yellow school bus service 509

    Date of Liability 01 05 2014
    Date of First Registration 20 08 2007
    Year of Manufacture 2007
    Cylinder Capacity (cc) 6000cc
    CO₂ Emissions Not Available
    Fuel Type HEAVY OIL
    Export Marker N
    Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
    Vehicle Colour YELLOW
    Vehicle Type Approval Not Available
    Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle
    6 Months Rate £123.75
    12 Months Rate £225.00
    Please be aware that if the vehicle h

  2. Speaking to another enthusiast there it seems it is just used as a driver shuttle, and is, in fact not seated throughout, just at the front and rear. Quite surprised it doesn't go to rallies etc

  3. The yellow student bus started life in Manchester, I believe. It was a driver shuttle at Braintree, transferred to Chelmsford for a few months, where I believe it was driven without consent and is now in Braintree. It's not in revenue operating or student services, as the blinds are not fitted with local destinations.

  4. Here's the Bluebird Bus in the news...

  5. What a vehicle to nick - I mean hardly unnoticeable is it! Thanks, Lee