Tuesday 5 November 2013

Today's Travels

I ventured into unknown territory today by taking the X29 from Norwich to Fakenham. As Sam says on his new X29 blog you never quite know what you're going to get on it and I got a treat when I arrived at Norwich to see one of Norfolk Green's new Enviro 400's waiting to operate the 11.20 departure.

Norfolk Green Enviro 400 23 at Norwich Bus Station
To be fair the weather was appalling and an Ark might have been better suited but I was really impressed with the Enviro which rattled a lot less than the X1's do already and gave a very smooth journey. The X29's change to the X8 at Fakenham so by time I alighted the destination already reflected that.

A very wet Fakenham greets Enviro 33 as it continues to Kings Lynn
Optare Versa 503 waiting to go the other way to Norwich
After a very wet hour in Fakenham I was dubiously rewarded with Optare Tempo 110 to take me back to Norwich. Seriously uncomfortable seats although the ride wasn't bad.

Still wet!! Optare Tempo 110 loads up at Fakenham
I'll certainlly do the route again as I'd like to go onto Kings Lynn next time but think I'll wait for a better day!!

Back at Norwich!


  1. Was in that city place today and did spot the Spectra decker on the X29 plus a few others as we sat in the Bell seems the city is awash with blue/yellow and green and the occasional sandy colour interspersed with a smattering of barbie 2 I am all for the competition makes it way more interesting !!

  2. I agree. Norwich (you are allowed to say the name lol) reminds me a lot of Maidstone in the early 80's where the range of different vehicles was simply mindboggling. Norwich and the Norfolk scene in general has really rekindled my interest which had been dulled by Darts!