Tuesday 19 November 2013

30 Mins in Beccles

After a weekend spent recharging my batteries I decided to check out reports of Anglian now using deckers on the 60 between Beccles and Pleasurewood Hills. Well they are using a right pot pourri of vehicles, which I always like. I caught Trident 713 from Lowestoft to Beccles and a decent ride it gave too. I also saw 712, two unidentified Solos, and either 450 or 451 - which I can't be sure but it was an 07 plated Scania Omnicity!
Anglian Trident 713 T813RFG at Beccles
I decided to carry on to Norwich on the X2 but hung around in decidedly cold weather to see what else I could see. The problem with Beccles is that you can't see the buses go in both directins at the same time so I think it may well be a spotting destination for warmer times.

One for you, Cameron! Enviro 200 45119 RT09 JPT on the X22
Former Konect Optare Excel 216 W216PRB on the 81. Interestingly the fleet number is above the door like Konect and not on the front like most Anglian vehicles
Trident 715 T715RFG in use as a staff shelter at Beccles
Streetlite 351 MX60 BWK on local Beccles town service 82A

After a particularly uncomfortable journey to Norwich on First's Volvo B7tl 30889 W744DWX - whoever decided on those seats never gets on a bus - I had a much nicer return journey on former X1 Volvo B9 37566 AU58 ECE. Of all the B9's I've been on so far 566 is by far the best - no rattles, fast and quiet. A shame they are all not quite up to that standard. At Lowestoft I got the chance to take a pic of her next to one of her replacements before heading home to some much needed heating!

Former X1 Volvo B9 37566 AU58 ECE next to one of its replacements 33824 YX63 LKO. One looking decidedly grubbier than the other


  1. Look closely at your picture of W216PRB

  2. I assume you're refering to the side panels looking the wrong way round. I did take a good look at them and I can only conclude that it's intentional as the Anglian name goes across both panels. Can anyone from Anglian confirm?

  3. I nw understand that the panels were taken from withdrawn sister 218, so may or may not be painted. Thanks, Zac :)

  4. They weren't painted I watched them go on it was a quick fix. You should have called in for a cuppa I was in the shop where u get 2 X2's pass at ooh 30 second intervals going the same way lol

  5. Oohhhh, they have a a staff shelter. Is this as there isn't another staff room ?

  6. I would guess so. I'm not sure which routes change drivers there - probably the 80/81 as the 60's seem to go back to the depot or round to Tesco. Anyone in the know who can tell us?