Wednesday 13 November 2013

Norwich Today

Went to Norwich today to get some supplies - any excuse to go on a gas bus - and did a bit of snapping while I was there. Was especially pleased to see 37574 on her first day out after repaint on the X1 shorts. A few pics on here,but many more on my Flickr page once I've uploaded them

Newly painted Gemini 37574 AU58 ECY with  Norfolk Green  Enviro 400 21 SN12 EHN behind. Anglia Streelite 350 MX60 BWH is hiding MAN Ecocity Gas Bus 108 behind
37574 heads off to Yarmouth - I think she will have known the way!!
Anglian Omnideka 550 proving all her rear lights work, and that someone has attacked the ad!
Taken from the front top deck window of 550 we pass gas bus 111 AU13 FBK at Brooke
Looking splendid in the winter sun Anglian 550 AO57 EZM waits time at Halesworth before continuing to Southwold. I do wonder how long she'll be advertising an old route number though!
As a footnote I have just looked at where that rear ad on 550 is advertising, and I happened to pay them a visit later as I saw they were advertising free puncture repair and I have had a slow puncture on my car for a long time, which has meant frequent checks and air topping. Now normally they find any excuse they can to say why they CAN'T fix the tyre and then sell you a new one. Not Hammonds though - 20 mins later my tyre was repaired and back on the car with no charge whatsoever. Worth a mention and when I do need a new tyre I know where I'm going.

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