Wednesday 6 November 2013

Scottish Supplement 2

I decided not to go out today thanks to the weather so here is Grace's second set of pics from Edinburgh. Can I repeat my plea for anyone who knows where i can get an up to date fleet list for Lothian buses to let me know so I can identify some of the vehicles in these sets. I do, however love the livery variations Lothian employ on their different routes. Quite inventive.

So despite being snowed under by literally two essays Grace has managed to capture some brilliant shots. Thanks, Grace, and keep them coming.

I asked for a better shot of this vehicle last time - thanks Grace it's a great pic
The only thing that doesn't work is the sky blue day ticket vinyl
First can take lessons from Lothian's route branding
Rather plain in comparison
Excellent pic, Grace - just what we want to see.
Is that driver giving you a dirty look?


  1. Tried to download the list but cant read .xls Hope it may be of use

  2. Took an hour to install Office and hope I can save the document but yes it worked. Cheers, buddy, I will amend what I can tomorrow