Wednesday 20 November 2013

Random Pics

Due to my sight probs which mean I find driving after dark almost impossible and not living on a bus route (plus I'm allergic to the cold) the next two or three months are going to clip my wings so to speak. So I will be going through my archives to find things of interest and I'll start today with a challenge to you clever people out there.

In the Summer I managed to go from Beccles to Rutland Water and back in a day by bus. For reasons even I can't work out I only have one picture from that day, but it is of the bus operated by Rutland Council that basically circumnavigates Rutland Water linking to bus and rail services in Oakham, which is where I took this pic. The bus still smelt new when I travelled on it so any info on it and it's operator, and even what it replaced will be gratefully received.

The bus operating the Rutland Water Link at Oakham Station

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